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    And we have a winner!

    Here it is kids, the moment of truth when we finally give away the Gears of War 3 limited edition X-Box 360! I know we’ve taken our sweet, sweet time with it but we’re here now… So let’s party!

    Normal musings will continue next week.

    Well done, to all who entered, we’ll have more stuff to give away soon!

    Next week I’m reviewing Rage!!!



    Due to some fairly large Gremlins in the system we didn’t post our video on Monday containing the final question for the Gears of War X-Box 360 give away….

    So here it is now for you viewing pleasure, don’t forget – tweet your answer to @project_Bunker with the hashtag #gears3 and all those with all 3 correct answers will go into the hat! Good luck!


    Gears 3 Competition – Part Deux

    Hello everyone. Bet you’re excited about this Gears 3 competition right? Bet you can’t wait to get your grubby little mitts on it’s shiny new surface. Can you? Eh? You dirty mare. Well here’s question two for your delight. Best o’luck!


    Who wants to Win an X-Box 360? Know about Dead Island?

    Then look no further, this video will do both of those things! Lucky you!

    Don’t forget, tweet your answer now to @project_bunker Next question will be up on Friday courtesy on monsieur Jeffries, then question 3 on Monday from Madame SimWise, get all three right and your in the draw for the console and the game – which is awesome by the way!… Good luck!


    More Cos-Play madness

    You know I love Cos-Play, I’m of the opinion that if we let Cos-players rule the world we’d all be in a much happier, safer place. I think we see how these ‘governments’ get on for the next 3 months and if it’s not all sorted out then we ship the cos-players in yeah? Yeah!?

    Until then, here’s some awesome cos-play from Dragon con, the cream of the crop turned out to don their best costumes and it shows!

    *Cos-players all seem to be fairly attractive and healthy…. Now for someone who spends most of their time fabricating fictitious costumes out of glue and MDF I find this perplexing, perhaps as well as running the world they should publish fitness regiems and diet books because by rights they should be overweight and odd looking, without superhero muscles and cool hair…


    Justice, Audio Video Disco -

    Lovers of games they are, melters of faces they are also – their beats can move mountains, sink battleships and make cats jump into ponds… They are Justice!

    Album is out October, until then here’s single no2, enjoy.


    Sim-Wise’s thoughts on the Diablo III Beta.

    Earlier on this week Sim-Wise got her hands on the Diablo III Beta, here are her thoughts on it so far…

    Who wants to win an X-Box 360? And GOW3…

    Right then, who wants to win a bloody X-Box 360?(I say that, not because I like swearing, but because it is literally covered in blood – it’s a special edition Gears of War 3 X-Box 360), also a copy of Gears of War 3 the game, and also possibly a sexy Gears of War Vault…

    Watch this here moving image complete with sound and stupid northern faces, but sadly no Sim Wise due to a bad curry…


    We’ll tweet when the question videos are up, but keep checking back in case we forget…


    Good luck!

    Booooo no video from me today…

    I’m stuck in London after cycling to Paris at the weekend for Diabetes UK. So I’m literally away from my computer/Internet/mind. Which sucks because the Tokyo Games Show happened this week and I would have had loads to talk about, like the fact the PS Vita is defo coming out in Japan on the 17th of Dec and that the awesome Zone of Enders is getting a sexy Vita massage to coincide with the release. Also that Mario 3D and Mario Kart 3D were dated for November, syndicate is getting a remake, and loads more Japanese madness! Next week I’ve got some sexy Skyrim news and we’re going to be giving away a Gears of War 3 special edition X-Box 360 and a copy of the game. Watch our twitter feeds for more info on that.

    Here’s how she looks…


    Until next week here’s a funny picture -


    Twitters are at @mattlittler, @darrenjeffries1 and @simwise watch the skies people! Watch the bloody skies!

    How to paint your face like that Mirror’s Edge bird.

    It’s Friday, that means instead of sticking your cock into inanimate objects like lamps and watermelons, you should perhaps go outside and interact with other humans. If this is too scary of a thought, why not hide your face by painting it like a computer game character? Luckily we’ve thought ahead for you, as here is lovely how-to video from Krystle telling you how to paint it like that bird from Mirror’s Edge. Wicked. Get involved.

    - Sim

    For more of Krystle head to her handy Youtube channel.